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Re: Sony Vaio N505* vs Toshiba Portege 34*

Stephen Turner wrote:
> I'm thinking of getting an ultra-light laptop -- probably either a Sony Vaio
> or a Toshiba Portege. Of course the primary requirement is Debian
> compatibility. :) Anyone have any comments, good or bad, about Debian on
> either of these models, or a comparison between the two, or a suggestion for
> other machines I should look at, or any other useful information?
> TIA.
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i run potato on a sony vaio picturebook (pcg-c1xs).  i
luv it!  the short, wide screen took some getting used
to, but once i got everything sized right, it's my fav

i haven't dealt with the camera and usb, yet.  in the
meantime, though, i'm still having fun. 

(the reason i bought it was for portability.  i have
other lapboxes that are huge in comparison and they
feel like deskboxes sometimes when i have to lug them
around.  but not with the picturebook--it's light, yet
powerful (p400), with lots of room (12gb) and has 
great screen ram (4mb).)


bentley taylor.


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