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Re: laptop "metapackage"

On Thursday 23 September 1999, at 22 h 23, the keyboard of Adam Shand 
<larry@alaska.net> wrote:

> while i've used uucp for years i would recommend against making a part of
> the laptop package.  it's quite complicated 

This is certainly wrong. My UUCP configuration files, all together, make less 
lines than my sendmail or PPP configuration.

> and difficult to debug for a

I disagree.

> beginning and it's quite unlikely that a new comer to the net will even know
> where to find a uucp connection.

Unfortunately, yes, most recent ISP know nothing besides basic DNS, SMTP and 
Web hosting (and often not even that).
> imho fetchmail is a much better choice and will be useful to a much wider
> group of people. 

If you have several users on your laptop (and we are talking about Unix here), 
fetchmail is not really convenient: you'll need several accounts on the ISP 
and you'll need to put the passwords for all of them in fetchmail's 

> gonna include fetchmail you could argue that netscape would make a better
> choice and even have a wider appeal.

We should use only free packages in task-laptop, which eliminates netscape.

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