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Re: [Debian- on VAIO 505 FX] X problems

>>>>> "SP" == Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shaleh@valinux.com> writes:

SP> The xserver-svga package in the place where you found
SP> the new boot disks supports neomagic.

SP> I have a 505f (basically the same laptop), all i do is
SP> specify a wide range of horiz and vert and let the
SP> server find the right one.

SP> 800x600 at 16bpp works fine and is as high as the card can go.

Yes, I have found out exactly the same things after lurking
around for a while.  Thanx a lot for your help and advice.
Especially for pointing me to Joey Hess's archive, and
suggesting to forget my Debian-2.0 and the CD-ROM in favor
of an installation from the web.  I have now a very neat
running Debian system.  And it performs pretty well.

A couple of things, though, are still to be found out, like

* sound
* ppp with my combined modem/ethernet PC card
* check the CDROM
* get netscape to run (4.07 does not)
* choose a wm/desktop
* get some work done ;-)

== Uwe ==

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