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Re: laptop "metapackage"

> > I just keep thinking about how difficult it was to set up a mail server to
> > work properly over an intermittent connection.  Maybe a special set of docs
> > for fetchmail, qmail, smail... ?
> And UUCP! Which I use and love on my laptop.

while i've used uucp for years i would recommend against making a part of
the laptop package.  it's quite complicated and difficult to debug for a
beginning and it's quite unlikely that a new comer to the net will even know
where to find a uucp connection.

imho fetchmail is a much better choice and will be useful to a much wider
group of people.  though even with fetchmail it's debatable whether you're
anymore likely to want to use it on a laptop then a desktop.  if you're
gonna include fetchmail you could argue that netscape would make a better
choice and even have a wider appeal.

i vote we leave it all out.  set up some form of mta which will work when
offline and allow them to send email with command line utilities, and leave
mail retrieval to their personal preference.


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