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Debian-2.0 on VAIO 505 FX

I have the 505 FX (German win98 pre-installed), 
I have the PCGA-CD5 coming with it, and 
I have a box of Debian-2.0 CDs.

I am about to do that installation and
I joined this mailing list only today.  

(If there is anybody having Debian run on some 505, I might
also be very interested in off-list asking for advice and
exchange of experience.)


I have tried that installation weeks ago, but did not have
much time then and did not manage to get the installation
finished properly to my understanding (due to the CDROM not
recognized by the kernel, although I can boot from CD).

What I did though manage to get was a kernel and lilo
installed in the boot sector of my active partition 3,
successfully booting also win98 from partition 1.
I never touched the original MBR.


In the meantime, I have looked around on the web etc to
collect information, and I know about the boot parameters
"ide2=0x180,0x386" that are supposed to make the booted
kernel recognize the CDROM.

Now, I have re-started the installation, I had already done
all the required partitioning and have enough space reserved
for swap, root, etc,

Then, when it comes to install the OS and the modules, the
systems asks me for the source, and I choose CD-ROM.  

>From the menu afterwards, I apparently should not choose
/dev/hda1, but proprietary, otherwise it is not mounted
(although I could not check if the latter was succesful).

Then, I am asked for the driver's floppy, but I do not have
created one.  I <cancel> the installation process and think
"why not use win98 to create this missing floppy and go
ahead".  However, now the system does not (cold-)boot any
longer, because it "cannot find the operating system".

Also the linux-boot flopy that I have prepared weeks ago,
does not work any longer and tells "Unable to open an
initial console" :-(

I appreciate any comments, help. advice, hints, pointers,

== Uwe ==

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