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RE: irda-utils development.

On 22-Sep-99 NOKUBI Takatsugu wrote:
> I made irda-utils package. At first, it is a lazy package because it
> is my private package. However, now I am refining quality of the
> package to contribute Debian.
> After that, I am facing some problems...
> 1. IrDA related devices could not make by MAKEDEV script.
> As far as I know, IrDA related devices are not official major/minor
> device number. Probably, it is the reason that MAKEDEV can't handle
> them.
> Currently, my package uses mknod command to create them. But it is not
> satisfied the Debian Policy.

Supply a script OR ask the makedev maint for Debian to include it.

> 2. Which commands do we need?
> At the moment, I selected irmanager and irattach only. Some commands
> require X and Gnome.
> I think at least irdadump and irdaping are maybe necessary.

Ideally, there would be, irda-common, irda-tools, irda-xtools, irda-gnome. 
(Named as you see fit).

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