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RE: Debian-2.0 on VAIO 505 FX

On 22-Sep-99 Uwe Nestmann wrote:
> I have the 505 FX (German win98 pre-installed), 
> I have the PCGA-CD5 coming with it, and 
> I have a box of Debian-2.0 CDs.

Go to www.debian.org/~joeyh/stable-update.  Grab the boot disks (tecra) from

These use 2.2.12 as the kernel and a working pcmcia.

You can boot off the floppies, turn on pcmcia, then install from a cd.

However, if you grab the base{1-8}.bin files and make floppies, you can do an
entire install, then point your box out to a mirror to grab the rest.

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