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Re: Problems with PCMCIA netcard

I have that exact card, I installed pcmcia after I recompiled my kernel
for sound, so I had to compile the pcmcia-cs and modules (download the
source package).

The 3c575.cb driver is a cardbus card, that may not be installed by
default because it is "experimental" (I've had no problem, except for
getting dhcp to work, but I don't think that the pcmcia problem, but a
dhcp problem), you might need to recompile the source.

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Cory L Hubert wrote:

> 	I am having trouble configuring a PCMCIA network card.  I read the Howto
> and everything and I am stumped.   I have a 3Com Model 3CXFE575BT .  I tried
> using the 3c575.cb driver but it didn't work.  I also have a 3cCFE575BT-D (I
> think it has a -d because it's from Dell, I think)  I guess it's suppose to
> work with the same driver.
> 	I get the beeps, it say's it detected but not configured.  It fails when it
> tries to get "dev" info ????  Can anyone shed some light on this situation?
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