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Re: IBM Thinkpad or a Toshiba?

> The solution is to make the sound driver a module, and then have the
> /etc/apm/apmd_proxy script do an rmmod and a modprobe for the module
> (thus re-initialising the sound). I'm running a June 1998 Thinkpad 380
> with Crystal sound.  The sound card worked OK with SoundBlaster drivers
> (but didn't allow recording).  With Crystal drivers it allows recording
> but must be reloaded on resume.  It's working well now.

i have sound compiled as a module and it doesn't help.  whatever the reason
once it's been suspended the sound card appears to be left in a state that
the drivers can't initialize it properly.

i've tried suspending and then removing/reinstalling the drivers, and tried
removing the drivers, suspending and then reinstalling them and that does't
work either.

i'm currently using the yamaha opl3sa2 emulation with my card.  i haven't
experimented using the sound blaster emulation yet.  that might work better?


ps. apologies if this is less coherent then it could be .. just back from
the bar and a 'couple' beers/martini's the worse for wear :)

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