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Re: IBM Thinkpad or a Toshiba?

>> The solution is to make the sound driver a module, and then have the
>> /etc/apm/apmd_proxy script do an rmmod and a modprobe for the module
>> (thus re-initialising the sound). I'm running a June 1998 Thinkpad 380
>> with Crystal sound.  The sound card worked OK with SoundBlaster drivers
>> (but didn't allow recording).  With Crystal drivers it allows recording
>> but must be reloaded on resume.  It's working well now.
>i've tried suspending and then removing/reinstalling the drivers, and tried
>removing the drivers, suspending and then reinstalling them and that does't
>work either.
>i'm currently using the yamaha opl3sa2 emulation with my card.  i haven't
>experimented using the sound blaster emulation yet.  that might work better?

As I mentioned above.  With SB emulation I had no problems with suspending. 
But recording just didn't work at all.

I'm in Utrecht.  I'd like to meet any Linux users in the area, or any other
part of the Netherlands.

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