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Re: IBM Thinkpad or a Toshiba?

> What exactly do you mean by suspend and hibernate here?  Usually
> hibernate means saving to disk.

when i read my thinkpad's documentation it described three suspend modes.
suspend, hibernate and save to disk.  to be honest i'm not sure what the
difference between suspend and hibernate is (they appear to work the same
when you hit the function keys to invoke that mode).

> I've never had any problems with any sort of suspend or hibernation on
> my ThinkPad 380.

lucky you :)  my 755cx works just fine om all modes, but my 390 only works
with save to disk.

> If X changed settings then you could probably just change to a different
> VT and change back again.  That's worked for me on other computers with
> graphics problems.

that can work (sometimes, it depends if the graphics is just fried or if the
resolution has changed as well), and also just restarting the window manager
often fixes it.  but it's still ugly and a pain.


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