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Re: You know this templates translation page ?

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 10:10:37AM +0200, Michael Bramer wrote:
> i thought about this:
> Make a mailsystem like the bug trackimg system. You can subscribe to a
> language (or a language-section combination) and get per Mail one (or
> more) random untranslated descriptions. If you have send one (or more)
> translated descrition back to the system, you get new untranslated
> descrition ... 
> The system know the translator (the From-line in the Mail) and can
> send the translated description again to the translator, if the
> english description has changed. 
> We can add this with a web interface. But I (personally) don't like
> web interfaces. But this is not your problem.

That's a good idea. From our experience with the translation into Spanish, most
people who have time to help with the translations prefer the web interface;
people who are more involved with software development tend to prefer mail
interfaces or console commands, but most of that crowd do not have time to
help translate. But from time to time someone who dislikes web interfaces
appears. One collaborator who translated a lot of the short descriptions would
ask me for a long list of descriptions which he would then return translated a
week later.

An interface that allows on-line or off-line translation would be a good
solution. What would have to be done is to mark down the packages that are
being translated by someone, and give them some dateline after which, if the
translation is not received by mail, they would be released as being in need
of translation. Currently, the cgi script just sends out a description and
keeps its finger crossed that nobody else comes and translates it at the same
time (this would be a waste of efforts).

I'll try to do some improvements and make and English version that can be
adapted by different translation teams.


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