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[BTS#737219] po-debconf://swish-e/it.po [BTS#744344] po-debconf://base-passwd/it.po [BTS#744966] po-debconf://wims-moodle/it.po [BTS#745232] po-debconf://distributed-net/it.po [BTS#745386] po-debconf://cinder/it.po [BTS#745387] po-debconf://ceilometer/it.po [BTS#745388] po-debconf://glance/it.po [BTS#745389] po-debconf://heat/it.po [BTS#745642] po-debconf://ganeti/it.po Da Autoricambi Allibrio Scicli - Sconti fino al -50% - Approfittane - solo pochi giorni. [DONE] wml://News/weekly/2014/06/index.wml Pagine web da aggiornare Que tal encantar seus clientes? Revisione del capitolo 5 del Debian Handbook per Wheezy Re: [RFR] po-debconf://base-passwd/it.po [RFR] po-debconf://{cinder,ceilometer,glance,heat}/it.po [RFR] po-debconf://distributed-net/it.po [RFR] po-debconf://{ganeti,postgis}/it.po [RFR] po-debconf://{im,guacamole,ironic}/it.po [RFR] po-debconf://{neutron,tuskar}/it.po [RFR] po-debconf://wims-moodle/it.po [RFR] wml://News/weekly/2014/07/index.wml [TAF] po-debconf://lemonldap-ng/it.po The last update was on 14:06 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 39 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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