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Re: Hungarian translation for archiver

On Sat, Aug 28, 2004 at 12:38:12PM +0200, Csécsy László wrote:
> 2004-08-28, szo keltezéssel 12:12-kor Csécsy László ezt írta:
> > Seeing your next mail about that Spanish template changes, I will update
> > the translation, convert it to UTF-8 as well and send it to this list,
> > if this is OK. This is going to be done in a day or so.
> Wasn't a big work; nothing to do for Hungarian AFAIK. Attached
> hu.xml.new is now in UTF-8.
> (Here is what I did: converted Wesley's hu.xml UTF-8 -> ISO-8859-1; then
> converted it back ISO-8859-2 -> UTF-8. Hope this will render
> hungarumlauts well.)
> Apropó: ezen a listán magyart vagy angolt kéne használnom?
> Apropos: should I use Hungarian or English on this list?

Ok, I put up your new version.
Was the problem the ~o was slightly different looking?

Anyways, it's online now.
Thanks a ton!

Wesley W. Terpstra

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