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Re: Hungarian translation for archiver

2004-08-27, p keltezéssel 23:07-kor Wesley W. Terpstra ezt írta:
> I do understand there was an attached hu.xml file.
> It appears that it was in ISO-8859-1, instead of UTF-8.
> I converted it with 'iconv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8 hu.xml > hu.xml.new'
> Was this correct?
It was not in ISO-8859-1, but ISO-8859-2. That's all.

> I've also put it online so you can check the context:
> http://people.debian.org/~terpstra/splash/index.hu.html
Thanks, it makes things easier to understand.

> Who is the right person to attribute for this?
> Csécsy László, SZERVÁC Attila, and FEJOS Tamas all seem to be taking part:
I was the one who did this mess. :-)

Seeing your next mail about that Spanish template changes, I will update
the translation, convert it to UTF-8 as well and send it to this list,
if this is OK. This is going to be done in a day or so.

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