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Re: German Quotes -- resolution in sight?

Am Fr, den 02.07.2004 schrieb Helge Kreutzmann um 9:24:
> As far as I see, there are three possible options:
> a) Use english quotes
> b) Use ,, and " (pseudo german quotes)
> c) Use french quotes as in » and «
> d) Use U201E and U201C
> [...]
> c) if no UNICODE is available, else d)

There is a non-automatic solution for this which I have just committed
to the APT CVS. It is simply as follows:
1. Add de.UTF-8 to LINGUAS.
2. maintain both de.po and de.UTF-8.po. They differ only in the quotes.

Since the change to libc seems unlikely (and most definitely not in time
for sarge unless it takes as long as I fear), this is my preferred way.


|=| Michael Piefel
|=| Member of the Debian project

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