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German Quotes -- resolution in sight?

there has not been any activity on this bug (and on my related bug
#228486) since march. I personally would really prefer to release
Sarge with correct german quotes. Is there any (behind the scenes)
progress on this issue? 

As far as I see, there are three possible options:
a) Use english quotes
b) Use ,, and " (pseudo german quotes)
c) Use french quotes as in » and «
d) Use U201E and U201C

Currently, KDE uses a), Debian b) and d), Gnome c).  I have not yet
heard anyone favoring b) over c) except the concern of Adrian that
Swiss people might be upset (because b) is reversed for them). 
Since, as Denis pointed out, no seperate Swiss translation effort has
been started, I wonder how "bad" those reverse quotes would be for
them. If anyone reading this has insight on this (either because of
being Swiss or knowing a Swiss persons opinion on this), this would be
greatly appreciated.

I would suggest:

c) if no UNICODE is available, else d)

unless this is unacceptable to Swiss readers. If this is so, then I
strongly opt for 

a) if no UNICODE is available, else d)

which, despite being english quotes, are still much better than pseudo german
quotes (the reasons for this have been extensivly discussed in both
bug reports).



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