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Re: Bug#235759: German Quotes -- resolution in sight?

At Fri, 02 Jul 2004 16:10:54 +0200,
Michael Piefel wrote:
> Am Fr, den 02.07.2004 schrieb Helge Kreutzmann um 9:24:
> > As far as I see, there are three possible options:
> > a) Use english quotes
> > b) Use ,, and " (pseudo german quotes)
> > c) Use french quotes as in » and «
> > d) Use U201E and U201C
> > [...]
> > c) if no UNICODE is available, else d)
> There is a non-automatic solution for this which I have just committed
> to the APT CVS. It is simply as follows:
> 1. Add de.UTF-8 to LINGUAS.
> 2. maintain both de.po and de.UTF-8.po. They differ only in the quotes.

You may know that this is not related problem with this bug.  Glibc
uses U201E and U201C, and transliteration rule automatically fall back
to ,, and ".

> Since the change to libc seems unlikely (and most definitely not in time
> for sarge unless it takes as long as I fear), this is my preferred way.

No, gettext automatically switches its output character coding system.

I think there're some different opinions for this bug.  This means
this bug is proposal, not common rule.  So at least I have no idea to
apply Denis' patch for a while.

-- gotom

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