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Re: [G11n] New version of the coordination pages (pseudo-urls)

Sorry. I will try to translate it to english below, unless my skills
in translating to english aren't the same as my ones translating from
english :)

Who is interested in translating debian to galician? As Jacobo says
none, at least none I know.

All we know the great scarcity of translators that we suffer. The
projects didn't stop growing, getting more strings to translate,
changing already translated strings, and there are even more projects
as time passes.

Not all the new translators that are in Rosetta (Launchpad) are
translating, and from those who translate, only a few do good
translations. And a lot of them will leave in less than a year. If we
count those who really translate, only there are a dozen of people. In
Trasno Project there are more translators. On the other hand we are
less visible (all people speaks about ubuntu, and the option of
involve on the translation is on the help menu of every program, but
this links with rosetta and not with Trasno), but this doesn't say
that we translate less than them.

In fact Debian is the second distro with higher level of translation
(galician language), behind Mandriva (I didn't count Ubuntu and
derivatives, because we couldn't diferenciate the distro part and the
another part). In this two projects there is only one translator
because didn't appear other people to colaborate on the translation or
this people didn't translate more than a hundred of strings, or them
asked for the translation method and saw it so hard compared with
Rosetta and left. So if there is only one, it usually is because none
wants to translate.

And too the Rosetta translations didn't go upstream, only go to Ubuntu
and derivatives. Then is Felipe (Rosetta galician team coordinator)
who tries to push the Rosetta translators to Trasno Project to do
really useful translations for all, and only a few do it. The other
day I read this about Transifex, the new Fedora Project for
translation who send automatically the translations upstream

I think since a lot of years that the future of the translation
projects (like Trasno Project) is to have a infrastructure like
Transifex. The unification of different translation projects on only
one site, but with direct commit of translations to canonical
repositories in transparent way (not the canonical of Ubuntu :) ). It
could be science-fiction but it is the future and it is here.

                      Leandro Regueiro

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