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Re: New version of the coordination pages (pseudo-urls)

Christian Perrier escrebeu:
> Quoting suso@riseup.net (suso@riseup.net):
> > Yes... and you are not the only one who can see that. Indeed, that
> > "inactivity" is one of the reasons why Galician Government FLOSS Center
> > has decided to choose Ubuntu instead of Debian as the base of its desktop
> > developments [0].
> And, well, Ubuntu's dpkg, apt, aptitude are localized
> because....Jacobo did the work..:-). So is the Ubuntu installer,
> Ubuntu's iso-codes, Ubuntu's console keymap choices, etc, etc.
> Jacobo is one of the most reliable l10n actors I had the honor to work
> with during the last years. Don't forget that, nearly alone, he raised
> Galician statistics so high that your language is topping all other
> languages from Spain, including Castillan..:-)

Yes, yes, I know all that Christian, and I'll never get tired to express
my gratitude and admiration for Jacobo's work. I'll even let myself to
feel galician patriotic feelings and so in case that could be considered
a good thing :-) But, at the same time please compare this two archives:


Only the existance of a localization community can ensure the persistance
in the long term of the contributions made from the public administration
as well as its projects suitability to the free software development
paradigms. That's what Ubuntu is providing as an added value (and 
surprinsingly Debian not) in the galician case: community. That's not
easy for me to admit as a Debian advocator and user.

> Probably other actors of Galicia l10n have to learn how to work with
> such an efficient worker but I don't really see any reason why that
> couldn't happen.

I agree. But please consideer how much is needed that such an efficient
worker agrees on allowing others to work with him: and how
debian-l10n-galician mailing list might be effectively used as the main
resource of Debian galician localization workflow: basically because
that's its _own_ l10n mailing list.

Anyway that's simply my opinion. If I can do something to help in 
finding a way to strap on its boots the galician l10n Debian community
providing a generational replacement without loosing Jacobo's
contribution, just tell me. I'm sure the debian galician community will
arise at last and we all together will find a proper solution, even when
we could need plenty of time to achieve that objective. 


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