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Re: New version of the coordination pages (pseudo-urls)

Quoting suso@riseup.net (suso@riseup.net):
> Yes... and you are not the only one who can see that. Indeed, that
> "inactivity" is one of the reasons why Galician Government FLOSS Center
> has decided to choose Ubuntu instead of Debian as the base of its desktop
> developments [0].

Which is quite nonsense as I don't really see why Ubuntu wouyld be better
translated...unless of course people who localize in Ubuntu don't
really care for their work to go upstream....ahem

And, well, Ubuntu's dpkg, apt, aptitude are localized
because....Jacobo did the work..:-). So is the Ubuntu installer,
Ubuntu's iso-codes, Ubuntu's console keymap choices, etc, etc.

> It is not possible to trust in a software distro whose 'localization
> community' means... just one person. Too weak, too vulnerable, too
> unsustainable in the long term [1], as you may easily understand. Unless
> you trust in pregnant birds, as the old galician proverb says.

Jacobo is one of the most reliable l10n actors I had the honor to work
with during the last years. Don't forget that, nearly alone, he raised
Galician statistics so high that your language is topping all other
languages from Spain, including Castillan..:-)

Probably other actors of Galicia l10n have to learn how to work with
such an efficient worker but I don't really see any reason why that
couldn't happen.

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