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Re: New version of the coordination pages (pseudo-urls)

Yes... and you are not the only one who can see that. Indeed, that
"inactivity" is one of the reasons why Galician Government FLOSS Center
has decided to choose Ubuntu instead of Debian as the base of its desktop
developments [0].

It is not possible to trust in a software distro whose 'localization
community' means... just one person. Too weak, too vulnerable, too
unsustainable in the long term [1], as you may easily understand. Unless
you trust in pregnant birds, as the old galician proverb says.


[0] http://apt.mancomun.org/

[1] As an user, I detected that potential danger at December 2006. So
  I decided to contribute changing the Debian l10n galician community
  status from "non-existant" to "existant". I achieved to attract near
  60 motivated volunteers to support the creation of the
  debian-l10n-galician _public_ mailing list, so it was finally created
  in order to stablish an open collaboration channel for all us
  interested in Debian localization to galician language.


  But: just after the creation of that list, it seems that Debian 
  internal decission making process decided to exclude their own galician
  l10n mailing list from the entire localization workflow, as the
  absence of messages in the archive clearly demostrates. Perhaps that
  strange behaviour can be based on this:


  Even if that is the reason as it is not, the results of your excluding
  policy are very visible: you changed the state of the galician l10n
  Debian community from "active" (and motivated) to "inactive" (and

  As the Coordinator of the Government of Galicia FLOSS Center [2] that 
  turns impossible for me to support at the official channels the
  convenience of using and investing on a GNU/Linux distro like Debian
  which is uncapable to maintain a galician localization community;
  specially when the same people subscribed to the debian-l10n-galician
  mailing list are succesfuly involved and active in other free software

  Of course, my duties as a civil servant will not unallow me to
  continue contributing with Debian in a personal way. In this sense, and 
  as that Debian user who is the founder of the galician l10n debian 
  mailing list, I might inform you that our list will remain inactive until
  you decide to allow galician people to collaborate. Of course if you 
  prefer to maintain that "inactive" status, I will respect it, even when
  it's clearly a wrong decisition in the long term, from my point of view.

  All that summarized: Debian exclusive trust in Tarrío, makes me
  trusting in Tarrío by his valuable contribution, while at the same time
  makes me untrusting Debian itself, at least in the i18n part of the

[2] http://www.mancomun.org/


Christian Perrier escrebeu:
> Quoting suso@riseup.net (suso@riseup.net):
> > Hi Nicolas,
> > 
> > Galician language missed there.
> Well, as far as we know, the team does not use pseudo-URLs in a
> mailing list to track down work.
> Indeed, debian-l10n-galician is mostly...inactive as far as I can see.

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