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Re: Status of manpages-fr -- help needed?

Hello Jean-Philippe,

Am So., 6. Okt. 2019 um 13:35 Uhr schrieb Jean-Philippe MENGUAL
> Hi,
> Thanks Jean-Pierre for the review. Mario, here is the definitive version
> of the translation.
While copying the strings into the script and testing, I found some
more translatable parts. Updated po file is attached.

After checking out our Git repo, you can test the creation of the
status pages by running the script public/generate-stats-page-fr.sh.
Please have a look at this and tell me about any mistakes or

There is a mistake in one of the translated strings:

#. TRANSLATORS:  %s expands to a number.
#: public/generate-stats-page.sh:164
msgid "%s file is incompletely translated"
msgid_plural "%s files are incompletely translated"
msgstr[0] "%s fichiers ne sont pas complètement traduits"
msgstr[1] "%s fichier n'est pas complètement traduit"

Singular and plural forms are swapped.

Best Regards,

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