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Re: Status of manpages-fr -- help needed?

Hello all,

Am So., 22. Sept. 2019 um 16:23 Uhr schrieb Mario Blättermann
> Hello all,
> Am So., 8. Sept. 2019 um 11:16 Uhr schrieb Baptiste Jammet
> <baptiste@mailoo.org>:
> > Hello Helge, et al.
> > First of all thanks for your offer, and sorry for my late (and maybe too long) answer.
> > I don't have any "let's do this" solution but I can quickly explain how french translation was
> > handled.
> > The perkamon/man-pages project [1] is used to handle the infrastructure, sharable with
> > any language. Next, the perkamon/man-pages-fr [2] is used to translate the manpages,
> > distro-agnostic.
> > Finally comes Debian packaging, using perkamon as upstream.
> > [1] https://gitlab.com/perkamon/man-pages
> > [2] https://gitlab.com/perkamon/man-pages-fr
> The first steps towards up-to-date French manpages are done. I've
> imported all the existing
> translations (almost all, see below) from the Perkamon repo and
> manpages-fr-extra from the latest Debian source package. See [1].
> I've split the merged po files into single ones, one po file per
> source file. Well, this disables synergy effects introduced by keeping
> multiple source files together, but we maintain »common« files [2]
> which contain a compendium of all gettext messages which occur more
> than once in all po files. This way we can edit the compendium files
> after any change in the upstream packages and merge the changes back
> to the po files.
> Currently the imported po files are in three directories:
> In »fr« we have the po files which have been imported from the Perkamon repo.
> In »fr-extra« we have the po files which have been imported from the
> already mentioned latest Debian source package. It would be nice if
> you are OK with merging both directories into one. It would be easier
> to maintain.
> In »fr-openssl« are some po files from manpages-fr-extra, which are
> based on pod sources instead of Groff or Mdoc. This leads to almost
> empty po files after importing. I'm in doubt if it makes sense at all
> to do the import. The same applies to some of the Lilo manpages, which
> are already in fr-extra.
> In general, I would welcome a new project named »manpages-i18n« as the
> successor of manpages-de and manpages-fr. Regarding distribution
> packaging, it would work like the GUI translations in KDE, which are
> all come from a single tarball. This means in particular, we release a
> tarball manpages-i18n-x.x.x. and distribution packagers split it into
> the langauge-specific parts (manpages-i18n-de, manpages-i18n-fr and so
> on for eventually more languages in the future). Moreover, where
> applicable, the language packages can be split into »base« and »dev«
> packages. By renaming to manpages-i18n, future distribution packages
> needs to be declared as updates of the current manpages-de and
> manpages-fr/manpages-fr-extra.
> Don't expect too much for the time being. Besides the import itself
> I've only added some scripts for handling the updates, and maybe some
> pot files are still missing. But the »common« translations are already
> present, so if anyone is willing to contribute, please have a look at
> the common files first [2].
> (Please keep Tobias and Helge in CC)
> [1] https://salsa.debian.org/manpages-de-team/manpages-de/tree/import_fr/po/fr
> [2] https://salsa.debian.org/manpages-de-team/manpages-de/tree/import_fr/po/fr/common

Now the import of the French man pages has been finished and a new
project has been created:


The French po files are in po/fr/. The original files from manpages-fr
and mapages-fr-extra have been merged into one pool. After the import,
I've created the compendium files in po/fr/common/, filled them with
translations (as far it was possible for a non-French speaker) and
synchronized the compendium with the po files.

Now we have 1385 po files, but 560 of them cannot be built to
translated man pages because they don't reach the 80% threshold of
Po4a. I've done all I could do, now it is up to real French
translators to update the po files accordingly.

The infrastructure inside po/fr/ already works; after checking out the
Git repo you can use the scripts for interaction with the compendium,
reformatting the po files and so on. The script
public/generate-stats-page-fr.sh generates HTML files with a status
table for all supported distribution. Sorry, currently it is still
German, but it should be self-explaining. When editing po files,
please keep the file headers intact. The current structure above the
translatro names is needed for a proper addendum for the Groff-Mdoc

Moreover, I need some additional help with creating the addendum for
the Groff/Mdoc files. Please see the attached file scripts.pot and
translate it to French. Currently it still doesn't contain all the
things we need for the scripts; it will be extended in the near

The Autotools stack for the package installation doesn't work yet,
hopefully we get it working next weeks.

Best Regards,

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