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Re: Status of manpages-fr -- help needed?

>>> Now we have 1385 po files, but 560 of them cannot be built to
>>> translated man pages because they don't reach the 80% threshold of
>>> Po4a. I've done all I could do, now it is up to real French
>>> translators to update the po files accordingly.
>> Thanks, that is great! I requested to join manpages-l10n-team in case I
>> can help
> Thanks for the quick response! Please translate the attached
> scripts.pot first. It is needed to generate a proper addendum and
> status pages. Currently, the French status pages are not yet available

hmmm I am not an expert of the tools, but should I translate the .pot
directly? Usually I translate po files, then the pot generation is done
via gettext (makefile or whatever). Is it a particular case where I
should translate the pot directly, or some additional steps to translate
a po file then regenerate the pot?

> online. Run the script public/generate-stats-page-fr.sh to get the
> HTML files locally (in »public«) and view them in your favorite
> browser.
> The translation workflow is as follows: Pick a .po file, write an
> [ITT] mail to the list, then update the translation, send it with
> [RFR], and once the review is done, send a [DONE] and attach the
> reviewed po file. I'm subscribed to this list, and when encountering
> such a [DONE] mail, I will commit this file and add their contents to
> the compendium. Ideally, the subject line of the mail should follow
> this scheme:
> […] man://manpages-l10n/fr/manpage.1.po
> This makes sure that it can be parsed properly by the robot and it is
> easier to filter out [DONE] mails which are not relevant for me.
> Regarding write access to the Git repo, it is up to Tobias as the
> owner of the repo to grant access.

Should I follow this workflow for the script? I understand that no, I
should send it to you, but I prefer to ask confirmation


> Best Regards,
> Mario

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