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Re: Status of manpages-fr -- help needed?

Hello Jean-Philippe,

> […]
> I attach a gzip file to avoid the charset problems
> Regards

One of the translations is incomplete:

#. TRANSLATORS: This disclaimer is the license declaration, added to each
#. translated man page. Make sure you use the correct mail address of the team
#. which is responsible for bug reports.
#: license.add:2
msgid ""
"This translation is free documentation; please refer to the GNU General "
"Public License version 3 or later regarding the conditions for copying and "
"distribution. There is no LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY.\n"
"If you find a bug in the translation of this manual page, please write to "
msgstr ""
"Cette traduction est une documentation libre ; veuillez vous reporter à la "
"GNU General Public License version 3 concernant les conditions de copie et "
"de distribution. Il n'y a aucune RESPONSABILITÉ LÉGALE."

I'm missing the last sentence (If you find a bug…)

Best Regards,

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