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Re: dpkg 1.16.7: Please update the PO translation for the package dpkg

On Wed, 2012-07-18 at 21:15:14 -0300, Felipe Castro wrote:
> Uff, sorry, I mixed English with Esperanto... Again:

Heh, no problem.

> ...maybe it could be better translated simply removing the POSIX-
> prefix which I used. So
> epoch ==> dato
> dato is "date", in the timing sense...

Epoch is the stuff used on Debian versions to mark a new versioning
scheme, the general form is “epoch:version-revision”, so if you have
1.0-1 and then on the next release the versioning changes to let's say
0.10.0, but still that should be considered a later version, then one
would use 1:0.10.0. So while I guess you could translate epoch to dato
it seems there could be some more appropriate translation for that which
does not really denote literal time. Wouldn't “epoko” just do it?


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