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Re: debconfig-common new template text review

Hi Justing.

On 18-08-2019 10:58, Justin Rye wrote:
>  Database user accounts can be configured to use a variety of plugins
>  for authentication with MySQL. If the server default won't work with this
>  application, it is necessary to specify one that will. Please select one from
>  the list of available plugins.
>>  Leaving the selection
>>  set to its original value should work unless a remote server is using
>>  unpredictable defaults, but other options may not be supported by
>>  ${pkg}. If problems arise, the package's documentation should give
>>  hints, see /usr/share/doc/${pkg}/.
> That makes sense (but strictly speaking the last comma should be a semicolon).

Awesome. I'm happy with this template.

@Rafael, Robbie, I'll probably upload dbconfig-common tonight or
tomorrow, including a fix for regression in buster that I'd like to have
landed soon.


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