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Re: debconfig-common new template text review

(Away from my computer, so apologies for Gmail-isms)

Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> wrote:
> Database users can authenticate with MySQL with a variety of plugins.
> When the default plugin doesn't work, it is necessary during
> configuration of the database user account to specify which plugin will
> be used to authenticate. Please select one from the list of available
> plugins.

Problems: (1) when is "when"? (from the user point of view it's an error
that they need to anticipate); (2) which kind of default? and (3) what is it
that won't work?  Perhaps we could say:

 Database user accounts can be configured to use a variety of plugins
 for authentication with MySQL. If the server default won't work with this
 application, it is necessary to specify one that will. Please select one from
 the list of available plugins.

> So, I currently have:
>  Leaving the selection
>  set to its original value should work unless a remote server is using
>  unpredictable defaults, but other options may not be supported by
>  ${pkg}. If problems arise, the package's documentation should give
>  hints, see /usr/share/doc/${pkg}/.

That makes sense (but strictly speaking the last comma should be a semicolon).

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