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Re: debconfig-common new template text review


On 06-08-2019 13:50, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Paul Gevers wrote:
>> Slight complication: this template is not used during configuration of
>> dbconfig-common, but during configuration of the package that uses
>> dbconfig-common. So the wording should probably not use dbconfig-common
>> (as the user should need to care about what tool is being used by the
>> package to ask the question). Some for "consumer", there is a place
>> holder that can be set, such that it can say "this allows the choice to
>> vary for <package>" but that obviously is weird because that *should* be
>> known (it isn't but we could fix that, although I don't think we want to
>> fix that.)
> So maybe:
>   Template: dbconfig-common/mysql/authplugin
>   Type: select
>   Choices: default, mysql_native_password, sha256_password, caching_sha2_password
>   __Choices: unspecified, native, SHA256, caching
>   Default: default
>   _Description: Authentication plugin for MySQL database:
>    Please specify whether a particular MySQL authentication plugin should
>    always be used when packages need to create new users. Most of the time,
>    the default option of leaving the plugin unspecified will work - this
>    allows different packages to choose for themselves.
>    .
>        * unspecified: let packages override the MySQL default;
>        * native: no MySQL authentication plugin is used;
>        * SHA256: a more secure password encryption algorithm;
>        * caching: SHA2 plus an in-memory authentication cache.

Sorry to say, but I am still not extremely happy with the current
wording, because I don't think it reflects what's really happening. I'm
finally having time to think about it myself.

Are all debconf front-ends guaranteed to show the existing selection?
The problem with "this allows different packages to choose for
themselves" is that one shouldn't choose "unspecified/default", but one
should rather not change the selection. Because a package can have
changed the default from unspecified to one of the other settings.

Also I don't think how the plugin is used is crisp and clear.

So, how about (I'm not 100% happy yet):
Please specify whether a particular MySQL authentication plugin should
be enforced for the new users created by ${pkg} . Most of the time,
not changing the current selection will work - if ${pkg} doesn't support
the default it should have changed the selection to a working one.

Also, I think Justin fully understood the meaning of
default/unspecified. And the other templates don't have a colon, so
let's stick with a dash:
  * unspecified - use the default determined by the MySQL server

@Rafael, why didn't you use the suggestion of Justin to translate the
options? Nearly all other choices in dbconfig-common templates are


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