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Re: [RFR] templates://cardstories/{python-cardstories.templates} (Section:)

Loic Dachary wrote:
>> If it's packaged so that non-developers can just apt-get install it,
>> let it pull in the appropriate dependencies, answer its debconf
>> question, and then play it for fun, then it belongs in "Section:
>> games".  If it isn't, then you need to tell us a lot more about what
>> people are expected to use it for and how.
> I think the majority of people willing to play the game will go on a web
> site and play the game online without installing it. Some people will
> discover it is a Free Software and will try to install it localy to check how it
> works, using the package manager of their distribution. A few will setup
> the game to play with friends, possibly with custom changes. And some of
> them will setup an online site for the same purpose.
> It's a wild guess of course. But this variety of usage makes it
> difficult to decide for a section.

Well, the ones who never see the Debian package metadata aren't
relevant here, but it seems to me that the thing the above users all
have in common is that they're interested in a game called
cardstories.  If they go searching for it, that's what they'll be
looking for.  When they find it, the package description they'll read
currently introduces it entirely in terms of how to play the game.
Either that's wrong or the section is wrong!

If you want to fix it by adding material to the description, please
suggest some text to introduce the package from the point of view of a
Python webapp developer.  The best I would be able to suggest myself
is something like "if you're well-versed in the languages it's written
in you can check out a copy of the upstream source and produce a
modified version of your own"; and that seems pretty vacuous, since
it's true for all free software (it's not even particularly a reason
to install the Debian binary-package).
>> What do you mean by "standalone"?  The dependencies for a package
>> ought to pull in (or at least suggest) everything I'd need to use the 
>> package - maybe with a README explaining how to set it up for "hotseat
>> mode".

> There is everything you need to play it standalone ... except for other
> human beings ;-) I will add the hotseat method to the README though,
> good idea.

The debconf template expects me to have nginx installed.  Shouldn't
there be a Suggests or Recommends?  Or am I missing something in the
maze of python-twisted dependencies?
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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