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Re: [RFR] templates://cardstories/{python-cardstories.templates} (Section:)

>> Someone willing to run a server is going to install the game on a remote
>> machine and then invite friends over to play. Or even propose it to the
>> general public. Most probably this person will also tweak the game to
>> fit into a larger web site, embeding the game in a div and / or making
>> use of the pythhon web service with a completly different client.
> If it's packaged so that non-developers can just apt-get install it,
> let it pull in the appropriate dependencies, answer its debconf
> question, and then play it for fun, then it belongs in "Section:
> games".  If it isn't, then you need to tell us a lot more about what
> people are expected to use it for and how.
I think the majority of people willing to play the game will go on a web
site and play the game online without installing it. Some people will
discover it is a Free Software and will try to install it localy to
check how it
works, using the package manager of their distribution. A few will setup
the game to play with friends, possibly with custom changes. And some of
them will setup an online site for the same purpose.

It's a wild guess of course. But this variety of usage makes it
difficult to decide for a section.

>> I thought python-cardstories made sense because it is going to be
>> installed by people who will most likely use it as a toolkit.
> Instead of as a game?  If they're only looking for Python code they
> can modify, I don't understand why they'd bother with a Debian
> binary package when they could just grab it from the upstream VCS.
> And although my Python-fu is weak, as far as I understand Python
> policy you should only call a package python-something if it contains
> a file called something.py.
It's a bit of both : a standalone game as well as a hackable python
package. It does contain a python module named cardstories which serves
all the pages required to play the game.
>> But I also acknowledge that it's a web component and it could be in
>> Section: web. I think putting it in Section: games would mislead people
>> into thinking they can play it standalone. This is also why I did not
>> try to add it as a link in the desktop menus.
> What do you mean by "standalone"?  The dependencies for a package
> ought to pull in (or at least suggest) everything I'd need to use the 
> package - maybe with a README explaining how to set it up for "hotseat
> mode".
There is everything you need to play it standalone ... except for other
human beings ;-) I will add the hotseat method to the README though,
good idea.
> By the way, the "Sources" link does now lead to a file containing some
> sources, though (a) it's only the Python files, without the JavaScript
> UI, or a copy of the license, or anything like that, and (b) it rather
> confusingly downloads as "agpl" (zipped but with no .zip extension).
This is work in progress. I will work on it so that a full archive is
created server side when the link is clicked, including all the code and
not just the server code. The current link gives you access to all the
server code, which you could not possibly get otherwise. More
importantly, it gives you access to the currently running version and
not the originaly installed version. If a modification has been done
locally, you will get it.


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