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Re: [RFR] templates://cardstories/{python-cardstories.templates} (Section:)

> Okay, so it's written in JavaScript and Python... but upstream call it
> plain "cardstories".  Python policy says Python develpers don't need
> to add a Python prefix unless the Python package contains a Python
> module that other Python programs are expected to use (in which case
> it should probably be split into a server package and a library
> package).  And while I could imagine it going under "Section: web",
> the obvious place people will look for it is under "games".

I'm not sure what is right. Most people won't actually install the game
to play it, because they would be alone and it's a multiplayer game.
Someone willing to run a server is going to install the game on a remote
machine and then invite friends over to play. Or even propose it to the
general public. Most probably this person will also tweak the game to
fit into a larger web site, embeding the game in a div and / or making
use of the pythhon web service with a completly different client.

I thought python-cardstories made sense because it is going to be
installed by people who will most likely use it as a toolkit.
But I also acknowledge that it's a web component and it could be in
Section: web. I think putting it in Section: games would mislead people
into thinking they can play it standalone. This is also why I did not
try to add it as a link in the desktop menus.

I very much appreciate the time you spent on trying to figure this out :-)

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