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Re: [RFR] templates://tgif/{tgif.templates}

On Mon, 3 Jan 2011, Justin B Rye wrote:

Where does this leave us?  If we're changing the choices, I'd still
prefer to see them changed to the actual names of the grid units in
question, which for a start reduces the need for comments:

Template: tgif/gridunits
Type: select
__Choices: Centimetres, Inches
Choices-C: Metric, Imperial
Default: Metric
_Description: What units are to be used for the grid?
 Please select the units to be used by Tgif when rendering the grid. This will
 also determine the scaling when the snap-to-grid option is turned on.

(Or is it "Default: Centimetres"?)

I like this better and in fact the grids are marked in inches and centimeters in the program. The only thing I would suggest is to not capitalize either unit, so "inches" "centimeters"

Meanwhile in the control file I'm currently trying to improve on:

Description: 2D vector graphic drawing tool using Xlib
 Tgif (originally the "Tangram Graphic Interface Facility") is a
 classic drawing program for 2D vector graphics. Image objects can
 be hierarchically constructed out of primitives such as polygons,
 text, and splines (though the splines Tgif draws are not Bézier
 It natively supports PostScript formats suitable for LaTeX, as well
 as X11 bitmap or (version 1) pixmap formats. Other vector and raster
 image formats such as SVG and PNG can be handled via filters.
 Tgif stores drawings as .obj files and individual building-block
 objects as .sym files, both in Prolog-compatible fact file format.

(I've crammed in an "XPMv1" reference, dropped a repeat of "Tgif",
and added a space in "fact file".)

I like this.


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