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Re: Please review vidalia debconf template

I think we arrive at a mutual agreement:

Template: vidalia/tor-daemon-interaction
Type: select
Choices-C: nothing, one-off, permanent
__Choices: No Configuration, One-off restart, Permanent takeover
Default: permanent
_Description: Tor/Vidalia interaction:
 Vidalia needs to communicate with the running Tor daemon so that it
 can provide a graphical user interface for it. This requires either
 the manual reconfiguration of Tor to allow secure authentication
 (recommended) or a restart of Tor under Vidalia's control.
   * No configuration: leave Tor running for now. Vidalia will not be
                                     able to communicate with Tor until
it is manually
                                     reconfigured - see
                                     for more details;
   * One-off restart:    stop Tor now so Vidalia can start it, just this
once -
                                     Tor will start by itself on next
reboots, so manual configuration
                                     will still be required;
  * Permanent            stop Tor and simply let Vidalia handle starting
it whenever you
    takeover:                run Vidalia (not usable on a multi-user

I like it! :-)

Thanks all for the excellent support and timing, I really appreciate!!!



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