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Re: Please review vidalia debconf template

On 26/09/10 02:05, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Dererk (dererk@debian.org)
>> Hope this explanation give a more practical context to most of the
>> questions, please tell me if you require me to interact with some of
>> your other questions in this mail or if they're for other list member's
>> to debate (I don't really know how this works, thanks for being merciful
>> :-) )
> In general, I like Justin's proposals. IMHO, he did the best to
> address the concerns you had (explaining choices to users). without
> falling in the debconf note "trap" (temptation to say everything in a
> debconf note).
> It's sometimes tricky to say everything when choices have complicated
> consequences. Maybe you could add a choice for delaying the package
> configuration (and make the configuration step "fail") and allow users
> to read README.Debian to make the appropriate choice?
Sure sure, he did a great job reviewing and interpreting out my
brain-damaged thoughts :-D
In fact I've just made a few little changes and I think it's perfect! :-)

I completely agree that sometimes less is more, in the sense that less
confusing comments are more comprehensive, but well, you might know it's
difficult to simplify ideas for something coming nerdies like us :-P



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