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Re: Please review vidalia debconf template

Quoting Dererk (dererk@debian.org):

> Hope this explanation give a more practical context to most of the
> questions, please tell me if you require me to interact with some of
> your other questions in this mail or if they're for other list member's
> to debate (I don't really know how this works, thanks for being merciful
> :-) )

In general, I like Justin's proposals. IMHO, he did the best to
address the concerns you had (explaining choices to users). without
falling in the debconf note "trap" (temptation to say everything in a
debconf note).

It's sometimes tricky to say everything when choices have complicated
consequences. Maybe you could add a choice for delaying the package
configuration (and make the configuration step "fail") and allow users
to read README.Debian to make the appropriate choice?

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