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[RFR] templates://moon-buggy/moon-buggy.templates, moon-buggy-esd.templates

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Here is a proposed review (both new files and patch).

Now we're in review mode I'll amend the Subject.
> - The directory /var/lib/games will not be deleted (although the package
> - maintainer thinks it should be deleted when empty).
> + The /var/lib/games directory should probably be deleted later on.

Was this about bug #109936/109960/109979/110058?

If so, what's stopping you doing what you think you should?  I don't
see anybody in those bug-logs telling you you shouldn't delete it
when empty; they only said you should check first.  Oh, and the
submitter of #109960 wondered whether maybe there might be a reason 
to leave it, but without going so far as to actually suggest one.

>  Template: moon-buggy-esd/sound_hardware
>  Type: boolean
>  _Description: Do you have sound hardware installed?
> + The moon-buggy-esd package will only work properly if some sound
> + hardware is available (see Bug #76059).
> + .
> + If you want to use moon-buggy without
> + sound hardware, you should use the moon-buggy package.

This whole thing looks pretty pointless - if this debconf question
was going to exist anywhere I'd expect it to belong to esound.
Still, that's all outside the jurisdiction of a template review.
Christian's version looks fine.

Are we touching the control file?  If so, the only thing I notice
there is the short description(s):

 Description: Drive a car across the moon

That's a capitalised verb phrase; more DevRef6.2.2-compliant options
 Description: game where you drive a car across the moon
 Description: simple car-driving game set on the moon
 Description: lunar rover driving game
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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