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Re: [RFR] templates://syscp/{templates}

Quoting Jan Hauke Rahm (jhr@debian.org):
> Hi Christian and the famous d-l10n-en team,
> I feel like a newbie with all these corrections, and even more I seem to
> need english lessons... :(

Well, as you have seen in Justin's mail, *I* also need English
lessons. Moreover, the mistakes he corrected in my revised version are
frequent mistakes of mine (most of them are probably turning a big
"this guy is French" sign over my head).

What's good in this process is that it works flawlessly: I do the
general revision and propose enhancements to style and wording, then
Justin picks up with this and polishes everything to make it sound
like Real English, with the extra addition of very clever comments
about the language.

Then I pick all suggestions he does and that usually becomes the more
or less final version..:-)

About the debconf "abuse":

> If you guys all consider this debconf abuse I'll trust your word. SysCP
> is pretty useless unless cron jobs and daemon configs are adjusted.
> Since a package is meant to work after installation I thought it might
> be worth a note during installation. But OTOH you're right; it
> interrupts the installation process and thus can be considered abuse.
> Please, if you think I should leave that note out, tell me (e.g. in the
> bug report you're going to file) and I kick it out before translators
> get to see the template.

I can include this in the review patch. That only requires a small
change to debian/config and moving the text to a newly added


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