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Re: Call for reviews: Release Announcement


Justin B Rye schrieb:
> Second draft attached.

Many thanks!  I applied your patches.
> It needs minor corrective surgery on "These special images" (there's
> nothing for "these" to refer back to), but what's going on with
> "available for [...] different forms of network setups"?  I'm guessing
> it means "available for CDs, USB sticks and netboot setups":

Yes, as far as I know there a different ways / protocols / whatever to
boot via network.  So "netboot setups" seems to fit very well.

> (And, uh, is the preference for aptitude over apt-get _officially_
> official?  I'm an aptitude fan myself, but I've recently seen claims
> on the lists that it's less effective for big dist-upgrades...)

It was discussed very well (to the last minute, so to speak), without a
real outcome, but the release notes still prefer aptitude over apt-get
and they are now frozen, so we are as save as we can be to refer to
aptitude here.

Best regards,

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