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Re: Description of pyvnc2swf

OoO Pendant le temps de midi du  samedi 25 août 2007, vers 12:18, MJ Ray
<mjr@phonecoop.coop> disait:

> Vincent Bernat <bernat@luffy.cx> wrote:
>> [...] I have kept the second
>> paragraph since users may need to know that pyvnc2swf
>> must be chosen over vnc2swf for some reasons (even if
>> vnc2swf is not in Debian).

> Please mention a couple of those reasons. I *hate* it when a package
> of tool-that-I-don't-know describes itself as "better than
> other-tool-that-I-don't-know-and-isn't-even-packaged" without reason.

Well, this is  what the second paragraph is for  : pyvnc2swf is actively
maintained and has more functionalities than vnc2swf.
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