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Re: I got a bug report -- td2planet #428061

Quoting Yukiharu Yabuki (yabuki@netfort.gr.jp):
> Hi

Hello roommate..:-)

> Thank you for your comment.
> Yes, you slimplfy td2planet description. It is good.
> But, I am not 100 percent sure that I am afraid user are mixed up between
> client side RSS aggregator (like as liferea) and server side RSS 
> aggregator (like as planet). Do I take things too seriously?

No, you may be right. I may have over-simplified by using
"aggregator". I wanted to avoid the IMHO too jargonic "planet".

Description: Ruby-based server-side blog aggregator
 This package is a server-side blog aggregator (commonly called a
 'planet' server software) which is well-suited for aggregating
 tDiary-based blogs.

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