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Re: I got a bug report -- td2planet #428061

> please give me and upstream your advice.
> Enrico propse us these sentences :
> >Description: A planet implementation in ruby, mainly for tDiary

drop the leading article.

I'd suggest using "blog aggregator" instead of "planet" which is too
jargonic, imho.

Ruby-based blog aggregator

"mainly for tDiary" is kinda mysterious for me, though.

> > This package is a planet implementation written in ruby.
> > .
> > If you would like to make a planet for tDiary bloggers, this package is
> > good for you (You should read README).
> > . 
> > Homepage: http://rubyforge.org/projects/td2planet/

The first paragraph is just repeating the short description. Just drop


Description: Ruby-based blog aggregator
 This package is well-suited for aggregating tDiary-based blogs.
  Homepage: http://rubyforge.org/projects/td2planet/

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