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Re: Request for Debian menu po file translation


Bill wrote:

> On behalf of the Debian menu team, I would like to
> request the translation of the menu po file.
> This file match menu version 2.1.9-3.
> Also I have extended the menu-section po file to include the new
> sections added on menu policy and other widely used unofficial sections,
> please find the update. 

Ik heb deze zojuist even vertaald.  Van een aantal dingen ben ik niet
zeker, dus gaarne commentaar.   Ook moeten we misschien de vertalingen
van de menu-entries afstemmen met KDE en Gnome vertalers.


# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2003-12-13 00:26+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: YEAR-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONE\n"
"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL@li.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=CHARSET\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:176
msgid "install-menu: checking directory %1\n"
msgstr "install-menu: controleren van directory %1\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:189
msgid "install-menu: creating directory %1:\n"
msgstr "install:menu: aanmaken van directory %1:\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:196
msgid "install-menu: directory %1 already exists\n"
msgstr "install-menu: de directory %1 bestaat al\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:417
msgid "Zero-size argument to print function."
msgstr "print functie heeft een argument van grootte nul"

#. Do not translate supported
#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:848
msgid "install-menu: [supported]: name=%1\n"
msgstr "install-menu: [supported]: naam=%1\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:869
msgid "Menu entry lacks mandatory field \"%1\".\n"
msgstr "De menu-ingang mist een verplicht veld \"%1\".\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:873
msgid "Unknow value for field %1=\"%2\".\n"
msgstr "Onbekende aarde voor veld %1=\"%1\".\n"

#. Do not translate quoted text
#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1030
msgid ""
"install-menu: \"hotkeycase\" can only be \"sensitive\" or \"insensitive\"\n"
msgstr "install-menu: \"hotkeycase\" kan alleen \"sensitive\" of \"insensitive\" zijn\n"

#. don't translate genmenu, startmenu, endmenu and don't change \"\"
#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1073
msgid ""
"install-menu: At least one of genmenu, startmenu, endmenu\n"
"is undefined. All of these have to be defined \n"
"(although they may be equal to \"\").\n"
msgstr ""
"install:menu: Een of meerdere van genmenu, startmenu, endmenu\n"
"zijn ongedefinieerd. Deze moeten alle gedifinieerd zijn\n"
"(maar ze mogen wel gelijk zijn aan \"\").\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1106
msgid "Using compatibility with %1.\n"
msgstr "Compatibiliteit met %1 ingeschakeld.\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1252
msgid "Cannot open file %1 (also tried %2).\n"
msgstr "Kan het bestand %1 niet openen (ook %2 is geprobeerd)"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1260 ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1267
#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1275
msgid "Cannot open file %1.\n"
msgstr "Kan het bestand %1 niet openen.\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1277
msgid ""
"In order to be able to create the user config file(s) for the window "
"the above file needs to be writeable (and/or the directory needs to exist).\n"
msgstr ""
"Om de configuratiebestanden van de gebruiker voor de windowmanager te\n"
"kunnen aanmaken, moet het bovenstaande bestand schrijfbaar zijn (en moet\n"
"de directory bestaan).\n";

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1299
msgid "Warning: the string %1 did not occur in template file %2\n"
msgstr "Waarschuwing: de string %1 komt niet voor in het sjabloonbestand %2\n"

#. Don't translate quoted string
#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1305
msgid ""
"install-menu [-vh] <menu-method>\n"
"  Read menu entries from stdin in \"update-menus --stdout\" format\n"
"  and generate menu files using the specified menu-method.\n"
"  Options to install-menu:\n"
"     -h --help    : this message\n"
"     -v --verbose : be verbose\n"
msgstr ""
"install-menu [-vh] <menu-methode>\n"
"  Lees menu-ingangen vanaf de standaard invoer in \"update-menus --stdout\" formaat\n"
"  en genereer menubestanden met de aangegeven menumethode.\n"
"  Opties voor install-menu:\n"
"     -h --help    : dit bericht\n"
"     -v --verbose : geef uitgebreidere informatie\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1345
msgid "install-menu: no menu-method script specified !"
msgstr "install-menu: geen menumethode script gespecificeerd!"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1358
msgid "Cannot open script %1 for reading.\n"
msgstr "Kan het script %1 niet lezen.\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1402
msgid "Running: \"%1\"\n"
msgstr "Uitvoeren van \"%1\"\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.cc:1418
msgid "install-menu: %1: aborting\n"
msgstr "install-menu: %1: bezig met afbreken\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.h:368
msgid "Number of arguments to function %1 does not match."
msgstr "Het aantal argumenten voor de functie %1 klopt niet."

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.h:375
msgid "Unknown function: \"%1\""
msgstr "Onbekende functie: \"%1\""

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.h:383
msgid "Indirectly used, but not defined function: \"%1\""
msgstr "De functie \"%1\" wordt indirect gebruikt, maar is niet "

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.h:391
msgid "Unknown identifier: \"%1\""
msgstr "Onbekende identifier: \"%1\""

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.h:399
msgid "Could not open directory \"%1\"."
msgstr "Kon de directory \"%1\" niet openen."

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.h:407
msgid ""
"Missing (or empty) tag: %1\n"
"This tag needs to be defined for the menu entry to make sense.\n"
"Note that update-menus rearranges the order of the tags found\n"
"in the menu-entry files, so that the part above isn't literal."
msgstr ""
"Het label \%1 ontbreekt of is leeg\n"

#: ../install-menu/install-menu.h:419
msgid "Encoding conversion error: \"%1\""
msgstr "Conversiefout bij get encoderen: \"%1\""

#: ../update-menus/adstring.cc:274
msgid "In file \"%1\", at (or in the definition that ends at) line %2:\n"
msgstr "In het bestand \"%1\", op (of in de definitie die enidigt op) regel %2:\n"

#: ../update-menus/adstring.cc:295
msgid "Somewhere in input file:\n"
msgstr "Ergens in het invoerbestand:\n"

#: ../update-menus/adstring.cc:303
msgid "(probably) stdin"
msgstr "(waarschijnlijk) de standaardinvoer"

#: ../update-menus/adstring.cc:317
msgid "Cannot open file %1."
msgstr "Kan het bestand %1 niet openen."

#: ../update-menus/adstring.h:60
msgid "Unknown error."
msgstr "Onbekende fout."

#: ../update-menus/adstring.h:78 ../update-menus/adstring.h:88
msgid "Unknown error, message=%1"
msgstr "Onbekende four, bericht=%1"

#: ../update-menus/adstring.h:95
msgid "Unexpected end of file."
msgstr "Onverwacht einde van het betand."

#: ../update-menus/adstring.h:101
msgid "Unexpected end of line."
msgstr "Onverwacht einde van de regel."

#: ../update-menus/adstring.h:107
msgid "Identifier expected."
msgstr "Identifier verwacht."

#: ../update-menus/adstring.h:114
msgid "Expected: \"%1\""
msgstr "Verwacht: \%1\""

#: ../update-menus/adstring.h:122
msgid "Unexpected character: \"%1\""
msgstr "Onverwacht teken: \"%1\""

#: ../update-menus/adstring.h:130
msgid ""
"Boolean (either true or false) expected.\n"
"Found: \"%1\""
msgstr ""
"Booleaan (\"true\" of \"false\") verwacht.\n"
"Gevonden: \"%1\""

#: ../update-menus/adstring.h:139
msgid "Unable to open file \"%1\"."
msgstr "Kan het bestand \"%1\" niet openen"

#: ../update-menus/adstring.h:147
msgid "Unknown compat mode: \"%1\""
msgstr "Onbekende compatibiliteitsmodus \"%1\""

#. Translation here and below refer to the file
#. /etc/menu-methods/translate_menus that allow to rename and reorganize
#. menu entries automatically. It does not refer to the localisation
#. (translation to other languages).
#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:353
msgid "Reading translation rules in %1."
msgstr "Lezen van de vertaalregels in %1."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:453
msgid "Reading installed packages list..."
msgstr "Lezen van de lijst met geïnstalleerde pakketten..."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:472
msgid "Reading menu-entry file %1."
msgstr "Lezen van het bestand met menulemma's %1"

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:500
msgid ""
"Error (or no input available from stdout) while executing %1. Note that it "
"is a _feature_ of menu that it executes menu-entry files that have the "
"executable bit set. See the documentation.\n"
msgstr ""
"Fout (of geen invoer beschikbaar van de standaard uitvoer) tijden het "
"uitvoeren van %1. Merk op dat het uitvoeren van menulemma-bestanden die "
"het uitvoerbaar-bit hebben gezet, een _glanspunt_ is.  Zie de "

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:543 ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:547
msgid "Skipping file because of errors...\n"
msgstr "Bestand wordt overgeslagen vanwege opgestreden fouten...\n"

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:562
msgid "Reading menu-entry files in %1."
msgstr "Inlezen van de menulemma-bestanden in %1."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:585
msgid "Error reading %1.\n"
msgstr "Fout bij het lezen van %1.\n"

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:590
msgid "%1 menu entries found (%2 total)."
msgstr "%1 menulemma's gevonden (totaal %2)."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:601
msgid "Running method: %1"
msgstr "Uitvoeren van methode: %1"

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:604
msgid "Cannot create pipe."
msgstr "Kan geen pijp genereren."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:640
msgid "Script %1 could not be executed."
msgstr "Het script %1 kon niet worden uitgevoerd."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:643
msgid "Script %1 returned error status %2."
msgstr "Script %1 retourneerde foutstatus %2."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:646
msgid "Script %1 received signal %2."
msgstr "Script %1 ontving signaal %2."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:656
msgid "Running menu-methods in %1."
msgstr "Uitvoeren van menumethodes in %1."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:694
msgid "Other update-menus processes are already locking %1, quitting."
msgstr "Andere update-menu processen hebben %1 al in gebruik.  Afgebroken."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:697
msgid "Cannot lock %1: %2 - Aborting."
msgstr "Kan %1 niet vastleggen: %2 - Afgebroken."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:706
msgid "Cannot write to lockfile %1 - Aborting."
msgstr "Kan niet schrijven in het vastlegbestand %1 - Afgebroken."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:718
msgid "Cannot remove lockfile %1."
msgstr "Kan het vastlegbestand %1 niet verwijderen."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:732
msgid "Update-menus is run by user."
msgstr "Update-menus wordt uitgevoerd door de gebruiker."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:814
msgid ""
"Waiting for dpkg to finish (forking to background).\n"
"(checking %1)"
msgstr ""
"Wachten tot dpkg klaar is (vork naar de achtergrond).\n"
"(controleren van %1)"

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:817
msgid "Further output (if any) will appear in %1."
msgstr "Eventuele verdere uitvoer zal verschijnen in %1."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:839
msgid "Dpkg is not locking dpkg status area, good."
msgstr "Dpkg heeft de dpkg-status omgeving niet vastgelegd, mooi."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:847
msgid ""
"update-menus: update the various window-manager config files (and\n"
"  dwww, and pdmenu) Usage: update-menus [options] \n"
"    -v  Be verbose about what is going on.\n"
"    -d  Output debugging messages.\n"
"    -h, --help This message.\n"
"    --menufiledir <dir> Add <dir> to the lists of menu directories to "
"    --menumethod  <method> Run only the menu method <method>.\n"
"    --nodefaultdirs Disables the use of all the standard menu directories.\n"
"    --stdout Output menu list in format suitable for piping to install-"
msgstr ""
"update-menus: werk de diverse configuratiebestanden van de windowmanager\n"
"  (en dwww and pbmenu) bij.  Gebruik: update-menu [opties] \n"
"    -v  Geef uigebreider weer wat er allemaal gebeurt.\n"
"    -d  Geef fout-opsporingberichten weer.\n"
"    -h, --help Dit bericht.\n"
"    --menufiledir <dir> Voeg <dir> toe aan de lijst met menudirectories om "
"te doorzoeken.\n"
"    --menumethod <methode> Voer alleen de menumethode <method> uit.\n"
"    --nodefaultdirs Schakelt het gebruik van alle standaard "
"menudirectories uit\n"
"    --stdout Voer de menulijst uit in een formaat dat geschikt is om "
"aan install-menu in te voeren.\n"

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:887
msgid "Directory is expected after --menufilesdir option.\n"
msgstr "Een directory wordt verwacht na de --menufilesdir optie.\n"

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.cc:897
msgid "Filename is expected after --menumethod option.\n"
msgstr "Een bestandnaam wordt verwacht na de --menumethod optie.\n"

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.h:106
msgid ""
"Unknown install condition \"%1\" (currently, only \"package\" is supported)."
msgstr ""
"Onbekende installatieconditie \"%1\" (momenteel wordt alleen "
"\"package\" ondersteund)."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.h:116
msgid "Failed to pipe data through \"%1\" (pipe opened for reading)."
msgstr "Het lukte niet om data door \"%1\" te voeren (pijp geopend om te lezen)."

#: ../update-menus/update-menus.h:125
msgid "%1: missing required tag: \"%2\""
msgstr "%1: er mist een verplicht label: \"%2\""


# Menu section translation
# Copyright (C) 2003
# This file is distributed under the same license as the menu package.
# Bill Allombert <ballombe@debian.org>, 2003.
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: menu-section 2.1.7-2\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2003-04-03 12:14+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: YEAR-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONE\n"
"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL@li.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=CHARSET\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

msgid "Apps"
msgstr "Applicaties"

msgid "Databases"
msgstr "Databanken"
msgid "Editors"
msgstr "Tekstbewerkers"

msgid "Education"
msgstr "Educatie"

msgid "Emulators"
msgstr "Emulatoren"

msgid "Graphics"
msgstr "Afbeeldingen"

msgid "Hamradio"
msgstr "Ham radio"

msgid "Math"
msgstr "Wiskunde"

msgid "Net"
msgstr "Internet"

msgid "Programming"
msgstr "Programmeren"

msgid "Science"
msgstr "Wetenschap"

msgid "Tools"
msgstr "Gereedschappen"

msgid "Technical"
msgstr "Technisch"

msgid "Text"
msgstr "Tekst"

msgid "Shells"
msgstr "Shells"

msgid "Sound"
msgstr "Geluid"

msgid "Viewers"
msgstr "Viewers"

msgid "System"
msgstr "Systeem"

msgid "Games"
msgstr "Spellen"

msgid "Adventure"
msgstr "Avonturenspellen"

msgid "Arcade"
msgstr "Actiestellen"

msgid "Board"
msgstr "Bordspellen"

msgid "Card"
msgstr "Kaartspellen"

msgid "Puzzles"
msgstr "Puzzels"

msgid "Simulation"
msgstr "Simulatiespellen"

msgid "Sports"
msgstr "Sportspellen"

msgid "Strategy"
msgstr "Strategiespellen"

msgid "Tetris-like"
msgstr "Tetris"

msgid "Toys"
msgstr "Speeltjes"

msgid "Help"
msgstr "Help"

msgid "Screen"
msgstr "Scherm"

msgid "Lock"
msgstr "Vergrendelen"

msgid "Save"
msgstr "Opslaan"

msgid "Root-window"
msgstr "Hoofdvenster"

msgid "WindowManagers"
msgstr "Windowmanagers"

msgid "Modules"
msgstr "Modules"

msgid "XShells"
msgstr "X Shells"

#From Apps/System/Admin
msgid "Admin"
msgstr "Administratie"

#Non official sections from WindowMaker
msgid "Appearance"
msgstr "Uiterlijk"

msgid "WorkSpace"
msgstr "Werkblad"

#Fresuently used unofficial sections.

#From Apps/Net/Mozilla Components
msgid "Mozilla Components"
msgstr "Mozilla-componenten"

#From Games/Toys/Teddies
msgid "Teddies"
msgstr "Knuffels"

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