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Re: gptsync not on Knoppix media?

On 12/02/14 18:41, Felix Miata wrote:
> On 2014-02-12 18:08 (GMT+1100) Scott Ferguson composed:
>> Felix Miata wrote:
>>> Nothing? Where to you apt-get to when booted to live media to perform a
>>> repair to the HD's boot and/or last tracks?
>> I read and believe I understood the question.
> ...
>> NOTE: just because it's a Live CD/DVD doesn't mean you can't install
>> software from the Debian repository (unionfs), it just means it won't
>> survive a reboot.
> ...
> By "apt-get to" was meant where does the software go when the boot and
> root/OS media is ro,

unionfs means that a rw fs is overlaid onto the ro ROM media, programs
are installed to their usual (Debian) locations.


> and the HD is not accessible until the repair which
> is the reason for booting live media has been performed?

Knoppix still doesn't touch the HDD unless you specifically allow/order
it to. UnionFS has nothing to do with HDD.

i.e. you can boot the Knoppix CD/DVD and even without a HDD in the box
you are booting on, you can still install (to RAM) any software you want
- either with apt-get or source from the network (if available), or
using dpkg -i from removable or network mounted media.

Kudos to Klaus.

>> But you asked "Is there something better on the media to serve its
>> purpose?" and the answer is yes, gfdisk (same functionality plus
>> additional abilities).
> BCC to the nephew.

I noted the response from Klaus, however IMHO gptsync doesn't have all
the functionality that gdisk has (but gdisk has all the functionality
that gptsync has). e.g. backup and restore of MBR etc. IMNSHO the only
failing of gdisk compared to gptsync is that it's documentation won't
fit on twitter (if that's an actual limitation). ;)


Kind regards

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