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Re: Knoppix 5.1 Mini-Announcement

On Sat, Dec 16, 2006 at 09:54:37AM +0200, Tapani Räikkönen wrote:
> Klaus Knopper kirjoitti:
> >- Replacing unionfs by aufs for better stability & performance
> >
> >  
> That is new to me and not even Google finds nothing of it. Is there a 
> Apt repository somewhere where it can be loaded?

I believe that there are some non-technical reasons why aufs is not
announced big yet, though with the next Knoppix release, we are probably
going to break up the (IMHO unnecessary) secrecy a little.

> Is it stable enough?

The reason why we abandoned unionfs and switched to aufs was almost 100%
because of stability issues. unionfs was based on a different, way more
complex project, while aufs is written from scratch for the sole purpose
of doing what unionfs was expected to do. At least this is MY
explanation on why unionfs still has so many bugs (complexitiy), and
aufs very rarely shows problems only in "unusual" setups.

> >- Deleting 75% of the software contained in the DVD version, in order to
> >  create the CD version. This will be a very time-consuming task. I tend
> >  to release the DVD a few days earlier that the CD because of this.
> >  
> Whyt not to do vice versa: installing a new Sid system with debootstrap 
> (Etch and Alioth repositories needed also in sources.list, I think)  and 
> ADDING needed software to it ;-)

Because it'even s more complicated to (re-)configure added software on
each release instead of purging software. :-/

I will try to upgrade the 5.0.1 CD version with new packages first
during the next days, and if this makes everything worse, try he other
way by stripping down the now-ready DVD version.


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