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Knoppix 5.1 Mini-Announcement Kernel add-on

While the discussion goes on: Does anybody think there are good reasons
to NOT use Kernel 2.6.20-rc* in the next release, which is kind of more
"experimental" this time, anyways?

My arguments towards 2.6.20:

- Already contains fuse version 2.6, which is needed for the bugfixed
  version of ntfs-3g (clean write/umount of removable NTFS-formatted
  devices) and libntfs-nfsmount,

- may allow you to play with hardware-aided virtualization (hypervisor),

- contains some more/better PATA drivers,

- a few more DVB drivers as well.

Arguments opposed are, of course, that it's not as well-tested as the
2.6.19-series yet, but then, we have also been using 2.6.19-rc* in our
tests successfully before 2.6.19-final came out.



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