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Knoppix 5.1 Mini-Announcement

Dear List,

To give you a brief overview about what we have done recently, and
what's still pending, and to maybe also give our valued reader Gilles
something to satisfy his curiosity ( ;-) ), here is a short list.

Done (in the DVD version):

- Kernel 2.6.19(.1) + fuse 2.6.1

- Replacing unionfs by aufs for better stability & performance

- KDE 3.5.5

- ntfs-3g (12.12.2006), works with "knoppix tohd="

- ntfsprogs-Update (fixes possible but not yet verified problems
  with Windows Vista Partition resizing)

- integration of desktop option 3D WM beryl+emerald as add-on for KDE
  (with absolutely no proprietary drivers, therefore it won't work with
  NVidia cards, sorry). This is supposed to be one of the "highlights"
  of this release. Looks spiffy and has some very useful desktop helper
  functions such as realtime zoom, sorted window overview, transparency
  (teachers can blend slides over program output & similar), and much
  more. You should try it. ;-)

- "The Big Fat Update" (Debian etch)

- Fixing everything that apparently didn't work anymore after TBFU.

- Script for creating a bootable memorystick from the live system
  (Martin Öhler)

- OpenOffice 2.0.4 (I know, it's already obsolete, see below...)

- Bugfixes/Patches for freenx, knoppix-terminalserver, and tons of script fixes
  we got complaints for not working under different not-so-rare
  conditions.  (Martin Öhler & me)


- Thinking about whether to completely remove the knoppix-installer, or take
  another week for rewriting it from scratch, or keep the current
  "works-occasionally" version.

- OpenOffice 2.1 (today)

- Testing on various hardware (just to make sure it does not break
  anything accidentially, but the public version is, as always,
  still "experimental". ;-)

- Deleting 75% of the software contained in the DVD version, in order to
  create the CD version. This will be a very time-consuming task. I tend
  to release the DVD a few days earlier that the CD because of this.

I'm not giving a release date, but hopefully (no promises) we get it
ready before the year is over.

-Klaus Knopper

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