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Re: Knoppix 5.1 Mini-Announcement

On 12/16/06, Klaus Knopper <debian-knoppix@knopper.net> wrote:

I will try to upgrade the 5.0.1 CD version with new packages first
during the next days, and if this makes everything worse, try he other
way by stripping down the now-ready DVD version.


The now ready DVD version.... Is there a testing pool I can join in on
somewhere? I would be glad to download it and make sure things work on
my hardware. I think a semi public place to allow volunteer testers
would be a good thing.

Since I'm at it, I use the persistent home feature... and I really am
tired of the dialog that comes up during boot. It is set to cancel, so
I must be present when it comes up to select ok. I like to go away and
do things when it is booting... ie pour a cup of coffee usually :)

Can a boot parm be made that sets an env var to tell this script to
relax? Since the presence of knoppix.sh is enough to do dastardly
deeds, it's overkill in my opinion.
If a boot parm to cause the script to relax were made, would it also
need a way to specify the options the script is capable of using?

Best Regards,

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