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Re: CD boot time of KNOPPIX shortens by "LCAT"

 >>From: "Kenji Kitagawa" <kitagake@alpha.co.jp>
 >>Subject: Re: CD boot time of KNOPPIX shortens by "LCAT"
 >>> I am aware of the project, however, after reading the sources, I am
 >>> afraid that LCAT would change the format of the cloop-file in an
 >>> incompatible way (it comes with a different compressed_loop.c that does
 >>> some things I don't fully understand yet). Is this true, or am I
 >>> misreading the source?
 >>The format of the cloop file is certainly changed by LCAT. However,
 >>because the downward compatibility is considered,it still has the
 >>compatibility between old format and new format.

LCAT is an optimizer for CLOOP. It takes profile of cloop-blocks which
are read at boot time. The cloop-blocks are lined up in order to
minimize disk seek.

LCAT requires the original cloop because it has to get profile. So it
isn't alone driver. I guess LCAT has to cooperate with CLOOP driver.


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